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University of Mississippi


How do I find out about research activities for course credit or compensation?

Research opportunities are ongoing in the PANDAA lab. Please check our research page for more information. Incentives and compensation vary as a function of the research project that is being conducted.


Where can I find services for anxiety or substance use issues?

If you live in Northern Mississippi and are interested in receiving treatment for anxiety or a related problem, please contact the Psychological Services Center (PSC). The PSC’s phone number is 662-915-7385.


Where can I find the PANDAA lab?

The PANDAA lab is located in Peabody Hall on the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS. Peabody is located on the University Circle.


How do I join the PANDAA lab?

Please see the following application link for information on how to join the PANDAA lab. Interested graduate or undergraduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Bilsky for more information about the lab ( The Department of Psychology’s website also has helpful information about the graduate and undergraduate training program in psychology. Information about the program can be found here.